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The Teaching Parlor®

If You Build It…They Will Come!


I first conceived the idea of a portable milking parlor, that could be used to offer hands-on training in performing an NMC based system analysis, while attending the AABP Milk Quality Pre-Conference Short Course in August 2010. I remember how overwhelming the milking system information seemed the first time I sat through Dr. Andy Johnson’s session. It was well-presented, with ample pictures and real life experiences as only Dr. Andy can do. It all made sense during the presentation. However, once I got back home and tried to apply what I had learned, it was nearly impossible to remember everything. I lacked confidence and was certain I would break something in the parlor when I tried to test anything on my own.


Ten years later, after working hard to learn how to perform all the tests Dr. Johnson taught us, I looked around the room at my colleagues taking the course for the first time and wondered if they were have the same feelings I did the first time I took the course. After a few coffee break discussions, I decided I would figure out a way to build a portable milking parlor.


After months of design, construction and several beta tests during 2012, I am pleased to introduce The Teaching Parlor®. The Teaching Parlor® is a one-of-a-kind portable training device designed to simulate a real milking parlor in every way, and is fully capable of a complete NMC milking system airflow and CIP analysis.


The Teaching Parlor can be set up almost anywhere, making it easier than ever to connect experts in milking system analysis with students who want to leave a training session with the confidence to start testing milking systems correctly. This training can take place in a private location, where no questions are stupid and no cows are waiting to get milked. Even more important, practice and repetition is encouraged and “breaking the parlor” is fundamental to demonstrating abnormal function and how it is discovered with thorough testing.


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