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Dr. Roger Thomson

Dr. Roger Thomson
Dairy Veterinarian
MQ-IQ Founder


a note from the milk man


Hello. I am Roger Thomson, Dairy Veterinarian, founder of MQ-IQ, and devoted “milk man”—actually “milk quality consultant.” I am pleased to introduce my latest venture with the launch of this website. For all of my 33+ years of dairy veterinary practice I have worked hard at including mastitis prevention as a part of the services I offer. During the past 15 years I have made a concerted effort to focus on understanding the entire breadth of harvesting milk as a wholesome and safe food.


As my skills have increased, so have my opportunities to work as a milk quality consultant. And because of my very good fortune to have two of the most outstanding young dairy veterinarians working in my dairy practice—Team Management Concepts—I now have the opportunity to pursue my passion for milk quality troubleshooting almost full-time.


I have established four core principals that I use to guide all of my efforts as a dairy veterinarian and a milk quality consultant. They represent the noble purposes I have accepted as my life’s calling. They are as follows: